How to use LaTeX to prepare your thesis?

Hi, everyone! This post is intended to be a general post and interests to teach the basics of compiling your extra-lengthy documents using LaTeX, so it is prepared aesthetically beautiful (plus, helps the lazy you to format your thesis documents in minutes).

First. So, all you need is a LaTeX document compiler and a bibliography compiler.

I personally suggest Texmaker for compiling LaTeX documents since it is available across multiple platforms including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Download Texmaker.

Typically, Texmaker includes a bibliography compiler alongside, hence, mind not to download it. If you are on Linux/UNIX environment, you may also want to install it on terminal using the command below:

sudo apt install bibtex
After everything is clear, proceed to the next step.

Second. Now, simply grab a LaTeX document template you need. Conference and seminars usually do provide a LaTeX template; simply head to their corresponding web pages and download the template. Some universities may p…
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